2015 Ohio Waterfowl Association summer meeting
8-30-15 @ 8pm
Please let me know if you’re able to make the call. I have 20 spots reserved, which I can change if needed..
General meeting- minutes financial report(as good as I can come up with). WBC report and discussion for upcoming events.. Any and all feel free to join.. Just need to know how many is attending to adjust call in #’s.. Thanks Mark Galloway

Ohio waterfowl hunting dates…
Lake Erie Zone
October 17-November 1st
November 14th- December 27th.
BOTH Duck & Goose IN.
Extra goose only dates:
January 14th- 31st.
North Zone.
October 24th -November 8th.
November 21st -January 3rd.
BOTH Duck & Geese IN.
Extra goose only dates
January 14th -31.
South Zone
October 24th – November 8th.
December 19th-January 31st.
BOTH Ducks & Goose IN.
Extra goose dates.
December 1st- January 31st.
(Actually Dec 1st -19th.
-duck is back in on Dec.19th)